Qui sommes-nous ?

Le Réseau RISQ+H est un réseau regroupant des chercheurs et des milieux de la pratique dont le but est la sensibilisation et le partage d’expérience dans le domaine de la gestion des risques, la sécurité des patients et la qualité des soins.

RISQ+H is a Network located in Quebec. Its goal is to bring awareness and share experiences in risk management, patient safety and quality of care in health facilities. Supported by a strong Scientific Committee and guided by a high-profile Advisory Committee,
the Network objectives are:

To promote knowledge sharing in risk management, patient safety and quality of care in health facilities;
To share resources and expertise in risk management, patient safety and quality of care (methods and tools);
To integrate practice settings into research projects
To organize experience sharing between researchers and practitioners following the introduction of management tools in health
To allow knowledge sharing between practitioners in order to ensure rapid dissemination of useful results emerging from the
introduction of new tools.

The Network draws its strength from a mixed membership of practitioners and researchers. RISQ+H brings together researchers,
health professionals, health facilities managers, risk managers, quality managers, patients, and patient representatives.

The Network allows for the disclosure of research findings related to risk analysis methods and risk management tools.
In return, the Network draws on results of the implementation by health professionals of various risk management and quality-improvement measures in hospital settings. This reciprocal transfer of information and knowledge is carried out with the Network’s various communication tools, including articles, an online magazine and the Forum.
In addition to networking and interaction through the website, there will be regular meetings of Network members. Supported financially by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC), and benefiting from expertise at CIRANO and the École Polytechnique de Montréal, the Network organizes workshops on selected themes and an annual conference. Sharing experiences with other Canadian provinces and countries having the same concerns as the Network is high on our agenda.

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