From time to time, the Network organizes meetings of members and researchers to share practices and knowledge. Meetings take the form of workshops or conferences.

Activités spéciales
Les activités spéciales sont des rencontres d’une journée ou plus, organisées en partenariat avec d’autres organismes, qui permettent de partager connaissances et compétences sur des sujets qui rejoignent les valeurs de RISQ+H. Les membres de RISQ+H bénéficient d’un tarif préférentiel.

Workshops last a half a day and group together ten professionals interested in a particular
theme to foster linkages and exchanges of knowledge, experiences and methodology.
Some of these workshops can take place in Quebec City or in other regions and can be held on a periodic basis.

Conferences are a mix of talks, roundtables or workshops that provide health professionals
and researchers with the opportunity for in-depth discussions of a topic related to the Network’s concerns. Completed and ongoing research projects are typically present at these conferences. Discussions often identify avenues of future research.

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