Conferences are a mix of talks, roundtables or workshops that provide health professionals and researchers with the opportunity for in-depth discussions of a topic related to the Network’s concerns. Completed and ongoing research projects are typically present at these conferences. Discussions often identify avenues of future research.

RISQ+H Network is proud to announce our first workshop taking place on May 21st and May 22nd at CIRANO’s facilities. The workshop is aimed at allowing researchers, practicing professionals and other practitioners, managers including risk and quality managers, as well as patient representatives to discuss the following key issues :

Risk management in surgical wards (may 21st)

Drug related risk management (may 22nd morning)

Workshop format allows us to share experiences and exchange information between researchers and practitioners. A wide variety of expertise is sought by the Network organizers to enrich participant interactions. For each issue, we expect discussions on :

  • recent research results and current research
  • sharing experiences and challenges in a practice environment
  • identifying research needs and promising issues
  • identifying promising multidisciplinary and/or international research partnerships
  • Registration is free but compulsory given the limited number of sittings . To register, send an email with your name, title, affiliation, and complete address to info@risqh.net.

    PDFThe Program | Dr. S. Brien conference

    English version is under construction We can let you know when it will become available: just send us an email at info@risqh.net

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